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Planar Gamma Camera
Radionuclides in Therapy




Selection of Scintigraphic Images


Lymphoscintigraphy in Childhood lymphoedema 

abdomen lymphoedema in childhood /lymphoscintigraphy by Tc99m Tin Colloid

Mammoscintigraphy by Tc99m MIBI 

positive mammoscintigraphy of right breast & lymph node by Tc99m MIBI 

Tc99mMDP skeleton scintigraphy/ RT breast radiopharmaceutical concentration

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3D normal Cardiac SPECT by Tc99m MIBI 

3 dimensional normal myocardium scintitomography by Tc99m MIBI 

Tl201 Chloride Myocardium SPECT 

redistribution of Tl 201 at rest Myocardium stress- rest short axis slices/ redistribution 

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Gallium 67 Scintigraphy/ Lymphoma

Ga67 embossed and smooth chest scintigraphic image in lymphoma

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Pinhole Thyroid Images by Tc99m

 hot right lobe enlarged right lobe in simple goiter multinodular goiter
Three cases of thyroid goiter with inhomogeneous concentration of Tc99m 

large cold node of right thyroid lobe Thyroid left lobe toxic adenoma

Thyroid scan by Tc99m /parallel hole collimator 


Liver & Spleen 3Dimensional SPECT Image

 splenic trauma in a traffic accident LPO Planar Projection of the same Spleen/Liver

SPECT Kidneys Coronal slices / Renal Cysts renal cyst in the middle of right kidney

both kidneys renal cysts

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Maria Lyra Georgosopoulou
Assoc. Prof. Medical Physicist
University of Athens