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Planar Gamma Camera
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Quality Assurance


Guidelines on Quality Control for Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation

    Quality Assurance programs have the aim of ensuring that the performance of the equipment and of the department  in general is maintained at the best of its capabilities.Quality Assurance programs, protocols and various phantoms for their application have have been set by various organizations(NEMA, IEC) so that every Department can organize its own program according to its needs and workload. 

The QA program that is followed in our department has proven to be efficient in keeping the instrumentation working properly and preventing any deterioration 

WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)Spatial Resolution WB01342_.gif (412 bytes) Uniformity
WB01342_.gif (412 bytes) Energy Resolution WB01342_.gif (412 bytes) Count Rate Performance
WB01342_.gif (412 bytes) Centre of Rotation WB01342_.gif (412 bytes) Acquisition Check


Non uniformity image Co57 filled flood source. Wrong energy window 20% in Tc99m photopeak [140 KeV] instead of energy window at Co57 photopeak [122KeV] as well as a peripheral photomultiplier defect

Non Uniformity check by Co57 Flood Source. Good Homogeneity except one peripheral photomultiplier defect

Bar Phantom Test of overall system Spatial Resolution. LEGP Collimator in use

Grid Phantom line sources filled by Co57. Linearity and Barrel Effect check


Maria Lyra Georgosopoulou
Assoc. Prof. Medical Physicist
University of Athens