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Planar Gamma Camera
Radionuclides in Therapy



Morphofunctional Nuclear Medicine studies are performed by modern radiopharmaceuticals and high technology gama-cameras

Renal study :
Dynamic functional study by DTPA- Tc99m or MAG3- Tc99m.
Static morphological study by DMSA- Tc99m
Kidneys' SPECT by DMSA Tc99m.
Direct Radioisotopic Cystography by Tc99m
Cardiac studies :
Myocardium SPECT by Tl201 or MIBI - Tc99m after stress
and at rest- Reinjection - Venticulography at rest and stress
Lungs study :
Ventilation and Perfusion study- Ga 67 Lungs' study- Lungs'
Bone study :
Whole body skeleton - 3 Phase study - Spine SPECT -
Pinhole magnified images .
Bone Marrow Study
Whole body Scintigraphy :
by Radioiodine.
Thyroid gland Scintigraphy:
by Tc99m, I 123, Tl 201, or (V) - DMSA.
Parathyroid glands’ Scintigraphy:
2 isotopes subtraction technique (Tl 201 and Tc99m or Tc 99m MIBI)
Adrenal Scintigraphy :
by MIBG - I 123 and Tc 99m DMSA
(subtraction technique).
Liver - Spleen - Biliary Scintigraghy.
Red Blood cells (RBC) Scintigraphy.
Brain SPECT by HMPAO- Tc99m.
Radioisotopic Lymphangiography.
Scintigraphy by Human- Immuno- Globulin (HIG).
Breast Scintigraphy: by MIBI - Tc99m.
In 111- Somatostatin Scintigraphy.
Meckel diverticulum Scintigraphy -
Gastrooesophageal reflux study.

Maria Lyra Georgosopoulou
Assoc. Prof. Medical Physicist
University of Athens